Pieces of Hamlet (in English)

How come that a text, written over 400 years ago, still speaks to us? What do we have in common with Hamlet? How is the identification with a fictitious character in different ages and places possible? How does art work?

Under the direction of Martina Marti, Gnab Collective has worked with Shakespeare’s famous play since 2012. The outcome is an oeuvre in several parts crossing different art forms which was presented for the first time as a whole at Mad House.

During one week, four actors from three countries came together and performed the one-on-one performance Hamlet private in intimate sessions, the Mad House Aula hosted the photographic exhibition Hamlet Collection as well as the first night screening of the short film A Piece of Hamlet which documents the project’s artistic process. The week culminated in the screening of three Hamlet interpretations at Orion Cinema, a cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI.

Director, artistic project leader: Martina Marti
Actors: Giulietta De Bernardi, Marco Mazza, Cécile Orblin, Claudia Schwartz
Photographers: Marion Maisano, Erno Raitanen, Emma Suominen

Hamlet private (Mad House Aula)
21.-24.10. every day at 18.00, 19.00., 20.00 & 21.00 (one spectator at a time)
languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Italian
duration: 40 min.

Without stage machinery purely by the actor’s own strength Hamlet private creates the play’s world directly in the imagination of the spectator. One performer takes one spectator at a time to ponder Hamlet’s big questions.

The performance is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and his inability to act. Hamlet’s fundamental questions are also our questions. His hesitation is also our hesitation. In order to bring Hamlet closer to us, the performance leaves the traditional theatre context and meets its audience in a much more intimate way: the performance is done by one performer for one spectator at a time around a table in a bar or cafe.

Tickets and more detailed infos are available at Mad House website.

Hamlet Collection (Mad House Aula)
Photographic Exhibition 20.10.-26.10.
20.10. Opening at 18.00

All over the world the play Hamlet is read, rehearsed and performed. Books are written about it, lectures held, quotes woven into speeches about the most diverse topics. What do all the Hamlets around the world have in common? What is constant, and what changes depending on culture, language, the individual or for example the weather? In 2012-2014 three photographers, one theatre director and five actors picked up the play and created their own interpretation in four different countries. This resulted in five series of 22 photographs, all together 110 photos. The pictures show central scenes and characters of the play and even though the thematic starting points where the same for each series, each photographer has created a unique world with the actors.

The exhibition is free of charge.

A Piece of Hamlet (Mad House Aula)
Short Film Screening, premiere
20.10. at 18.00
Duration: approx. 6 min.

A Piece of Hamlet is the attempt to research how and why people identify with fictitious characters. It is also a documentation of some sorts of the performance Hamlet private and an art work in its own right. The film was shot in Hanko, Berlin, the Danish countryside and Helsinki in 2013.

Directing: Martina Marti
Camera: Emma Suominen, Marion Maisano (Claudia’s card shots in Berlin)
Actors: Nini Julia Bang, Cécile Orblin, Claudia Schwartz
Music: Juuso Voltti
Editing: Thomas Taisto

Movie screening is free of charge.

Shakespeare elää! (Orion)
Eerikinkatu 15, Kamppi, Helsinki

The popularity and strength of William Shakespeare’s plays does not fade. They live, change and continuously inspire artists to create new interpretations. In honour of the 450th anniversary of the Great Bard’s birth, KAVI has chosen five film adoptions of Hamlet, some more traditional, others moving a bit further from the original as well as a few additional delicacies.
22. and 23.10. at 21 Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead by Tom Stoppard
25.10. at 15 Lion King by Walt Disney
25.10. at 17 Hamlet liikemaailmassa by Aki Kaurismäki
25.10. at 19 Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh
Coming in January: The Bad Sleep Well by Akira Kurosawa

For further information and tickets, check Kavi’s webpage.