Hamlet private performances in Denmark and Germany in February 2015

Gnab Collective’s Hamlet private performances will continue in 2015. In February one performer takes one spectator at a time to ponder Hamlet’s big questions in Denmark and in Germany.

Secret Hotel presents Hamlet private in the interpretaton of actress Nini Julia Bang in Mols on February 20th-22nd. For more, visit Secret Hotel’s website.
Actress Claudia Schwartz and Hamlet private have been invited to 100° Berlin Festival, held in Berlin between Febuary 26th – March 1st. For more, visit festival’s website.

The performance is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and his inability to act. Hamlet’s fundamental questions are also our questions. His hesitation is also our hesitation. In order to bring Hamlet closer to us, the performance leaves the traditional theatre context and meets its audience in a much more intimate way: the performance is done by one performer for one spectator at a time around a table in a bar or cafe. Without stage machinery purely by the actor’s own strength Hamlet private creates the play’s world directly in the imagination of the spectator. Performance concept is by Martina Marti, Cécile Orblin and Marion Maisano. All adaptations have been directed by Martina Marti.

Hamlet_Private_Claudia_copyright Marion Maisano

Hamlet Private – Germany, Claudia Schwartz, photo by Marion Maisano

Hamlet_Private_Nini_copyright Emma Suominen

Hamlet Private – Denmark, Nini Bang, photo by Emma Suominen

– – Gnab Collectiven Hamlet private -esitys nähdään helmikuussa 2015 sekä Tanskassa että Saksassa. Näyttelijä Nini Julia Bang esittää yksityisen Hamletin Molsissa 20.-22.2, lisätietoja esityksistä Secret Hotelin verkkosivuilta. Näyttelijä Caudia Scwartz puolestaan on kutsuttu esittämään Hamlet private 100° Berlin Festivalille, jota vietetään 26.2.-1.3. Esityksen on ohjannut Martina Marti, alkuperäiskonseptin ovat luoneet Martina Marti, Cécile Orblin ja Marion Maisano. Lisätietoja esityksestä…